Official Statement on Entity Name and Visual Identity Changed


  • HiGlobal and GreatBay International(GBI) have been merged in August 2021
  • HiGlobal 和 GBI 于2021年8月开始合并为同一业务主体
  • This restructuring is intended to develop the team/capital/business capabilities and provide more professional services for global clients.
  • 此次重组旨在发展团队/资本/业务能力,并为全球客户提供更专业的服务。
  • HiGlobal and GreatBay International are actually controlled by the same owner, and all business responsibilities can be inherited.
  • HiGlobal和GBI实际上由同一所有者控制,所有业务责任都可以继承。
  • Our official website and email are updated from higlobal.com.cn to www.gbichina.com
  • 我们的官方网站和邮件系统由 higlobal.com.cn 更新到 www.gbichina.com
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