Not just sourcing, The after-sales services got protected.

One of your needs will attract dozens of suppliers to bid. What we have to do is to verify the supplier, check the quality of products, and bring you the most suitable choice.
The own transit warehouse collect products from different suppliers, and deliver to you by air, sea or cross-border railway.The right of goods is under your control.
As a broker in the trade, HiGlobal signed agreement with suppliers. If fraud or product problems occur, our legal team can protect your rights  through litigation.
Come to China to join in shows or visit factories, We are glad to be your guide for food, hotel, transportation and translation. Your journey will be more relaxed.
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Recent Sourcing cases

Located in the Guangdong-HongKong-Macau greater bay area

  • GBA is the most developed area in China. More than 1.5 million factories in all industries are located in Guangdong.
  • 7  international deepwater ports make cargo arrived all over the world. Shorter voyage and lower shipping costs.
  • All kinds of exhibitions, developed transportation, and world-leading tourism in Hong Kong and Macao, be here for business and tourism is amazing.