Integrity, professionalism and responsibility, these are at the core of our strategy today.
Integrity is inherent, Professionalism means becoming an expert, Responsibility inspires us to challenge the unknown world.

- Jijun Wong, One of the founders

Who we are ?

HiGlobal is a solution provider for companies who are importing from China, and transformed from a company with 7 years of export experience.

Our headoffice is located in Zhuhai – the only city connected with Hong Kong through the HKM-bridge. Over 50 staffs support import business from global clients based on our distributed Office platform.

We tend to support medium-large companies who intend to develop long-term partnerships with us. We are dedicated to their needs to reduce their risk and costs in importing products from China.

We have the infrastructure in place to simplify the transition, our service is highly cost-effective, allowing you to focus your time and resources on your core business.

What we do ?

We bring you a deeper insight into Chinese culture which will bring you greater confidence for your import business.

We protect your rights and interests from trade fraud and disputes through  our legal support system.

We source, inspect and ship products for you in standard process which run on our innovative systems.

We push forward your import business, catch new opportunities for sustainable development.

How we work ?

We built a legal guarantee system for global trade to protect buyers from fraud and dispute.

We set up an independent trip guiding team called BizGuiding to plan and execute business trips.

We created a scientific way to quickly study any industry or verify any supplier that we didn’t know before.

We improved quality control standards and cooperated with the most authoritative testing institutions in China.

We developed project online platform to standardize communication, visualize progress, and digitalzie business.

We have also expended language skills, historical culture knowledge, and business practices to bring global clients a safe, effective, economical and sustainable journey of import.