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In my more vulnerable years before I started my career,my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.

“Although everyone’s money is eventually made by a money printer,” he told me, ” But some of them made from sweat, or professionalism, or responsibility, another of them made from conspiracy, or fraud, or exploitation.”

He didn’t say any more but we’ve always been unusually communicative in a reserved way, and I understood that he meant a great deal more than that.

Years later, I finally started my career. After more than 10 years in the international trade industry, I got a chance to start my own business. I created a trading company, just like tens of thousands of international trading companies, whose main products are industrial goods and electronic products.

But the most important concern of foreign customers is price. Whenever customers know through my introduction that I am a trading company, they will not even give me the opportunity to promote, even though in fact our price is not significantly higher than that of the factory.

So, like all Chinese trading companies, we began to pretend to be factories. There are many pictures of factories on the official website, such as factories, production lines, workers, certificates, exhibition photos and so on. When customers ask to visit factories, we will cooperate with real factories and temporarily change our brand logos and company signs. All this is done to make customers think we are factories and get orders. But we have never deceived customers in terms of product quality. This is the so-called “white lie”.

Obviously, this business model can make money, but I feel more and more pressure. In order to get orders, I have to hide a lot of facts from customers. For factories, I have to conceal the facts of customers. Like mice, they stealthily take a little food from the plates of cats and dogs.

And the longer I stay in this industry, more and more bad news came.

One of the customers, after paying the supplier, the supplier did not receive the payment because the supplier’s mailbox account was hacked and tampered with the information of the receipt account, so the money flies away.

One of the customers purchased tens of tons of titanium dioxide, an industrial raw material, but after receiving the product, the purity was only 80%, far from 98% of the sample. That means losing 20% of the money.

One of the customers buys some clothes and shoes, and after payment, they can no longer contact the supplier. The collection account is only a company account registered in Hong Kong, which is not protected by the laws of mainland China.

One of the customers, when the Balance Vehicle was very popular, thought that it would make a lot of money to buy tens of thousands of units from China quickly and sell them in the local market, but the quality of the products they received was almost garbage, and the supplier could not find them.

Every time something like this happens, it seems to me that these customers from other countries are at a loss. They not only wasted time, but also lost money, and they were unable to defend their rights and interests with legal weapons.

I began to think deeply. Should we change the way foreign customers purchase in China?

As a trading company, we do not produce products, but we have other advantages:

1. Better English skills, efficient and accurate business negotiation with customers, when customers visit China can also help them enjoy a relaxed and interesting journey.

2. Resource integration capability, centralize multiple types of products in the factory, provide one-stop purchasing for customers, or centralize the purchasing needs of multiple customers for the same product, in order to obtain better prices in the factory with large orders.

3. Promotion capabilities, we will use network promotion tools, such as google, Facebook, LinkedIn, can also participate in exhibitions around the world, and even visit customers abroad.

If these capabilities are valuable, they should also have their prices.

So HiGlobal began to transform in 2017. We are no longer a trading company that sell products. We focus on providing sourcing agent services to global buyers to help them purchase products from China efficiently, safely and scientifically. At the same time, we introduce the product orders to qualified factories free of charge.

In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a procurement project management platform, recorded and investigated many industries by video, created a legal guarantee system for international trade with legal consultants, established quality inspection standards, and learned more language skills, history, culture and business standards.

My team and I love what we do. More and more foreign buyers praise our professional services. Suppliers are grateful for our unpaid support for his business, and the income is not lower than before.

Those words that my father wanted but didn’t say back my mind. I made it

Samuel Butler Said “Every man’s work, whether it be literature of music of pictures or architecture of anything else, is always a portrait of himself.”

Yes,HiGlobal is a portrait of myself.

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