Gaming Headphone

About This Sourcing Project

Shopping for a gaming headset is tough—in part because of market oversaturation. Combine the ever-rising popularity of e-sports with the relative ease of combining off-the-shelf audio hardware with flashy RGBs, cushy earcups, and some software wizardry, and you get a market overflowing with product. A quick search of a few popular online shopping sites reveals hundreds of headset choices across dozens of companies, ranging in price from less than $10 to north of $100.

We bet that you already have a sense of where your budget falls within that wide price range. But whether you’re shopping on a tight budget, or ready to spend the big bucks, you’ll still have lots of things to consider—and dozens of products to choose from. We’ve been testing gaming headsets from more than 10 factories and have distilled down the best we’ve tested here , welcome to contact us if you are interested to got the list of our tested gaming headphone .



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