Titanium dioxide for industrial

About This Sourcing Project

In 2017 , the TIO2 production capacity was decreased a lot and the prices has been floated up and down due to the air pollution problem and goverment control , Mr Rodrigo from Brazil has been find our company and asking for help of TIO2 purchasing , our procurement specialist has been contact the Rodrigo and got to know his trouble as following :

  • TIO2 price was changing everyday and Rodrigo has been received many quotation in many different level , this situation made Rodrigo in confusion while he can’t judge which one was the real which one was the fake .
  • Highly demand of TIO2 and production capacity not enough has been lead the product shortage which most of the producer can’t guarantee the delivery time .
  • All the TIO2 supplier in China require 100% TT in advance which the customer feel very hard to accept under the new business .

Our sourcing team spent plenty time of the TIO2 market and find that TIO2 was produced by several big major producer in China and most of the producer was selling to their distributor instead of export directly ,we have contact with several major TIO2 producer and find out their sales channel in China and finally got the products with customer budget .

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