Products Sourcing

Products Sourcing

The best one not always the most sutiable one, We will find the most suitable choice.


Supplier Verification

Investigate supplier reliability through company registration information from government. You will get the all the necessary supplier details  from the report ,minimize your risk before start the business .


Field Supplier Inspection

Seeing is believing  ,field inspecting  the size, brand, production, storage and transportation ability of the factory. Get the factory photos and HD videos to ensure the factory information are truely verified .


Sample Collection &  Express

Collect samples from different suppliers and send to you in one package for testing the quality of products. Save freight, safety and fast.

Hand Putting Small Green Check Inside Check Box for Quality. Isolated on Grey Background.

Production Follow Up

You will have a personal sourcing assistant to follow up production progress and arrange domestic and overseas transportation to satisfy the delivery time ,find and fixed the quality problem before sent the goods .

Quality testing

Quality Control & Inspection

Our experienced QC will check and test the products according to your requirements , random inspection before the shipment to check the labeling and packing properly ,ensure every products reach you with perfect quality and best conditions .