The systems we created

We are powered by these systems which can’t be seen but reliable.

These are guarantee  to touch the goal of helping buyers to purchase products safely, efficiently and cost-effectively,

Supplier Selection System

We make full use of existing data and Internet information, screen about 30 suppliers according to the requirements of buyers, and then, investigate the registration and reliability, inspect them on the spot. as a result, we deliver the Alternative Suppliers Report to the buyer.

Legal Support System

HiGlobal provides the Tripartite Trade Contract to the both parties of the treading and signs contracts as broker. When trade fraud or disputes occur, HiGlobal stand on a legal position to protect the rights of foreign buyers on behalf of them. Lawyer’s letter, out-of-court mediation and litigation are all effective.

Quality Control System

We collect samples from all alternative suppliers, inspect and test them, or transfer them to foreign buyers. If necessary, a third party may be entrusted to submit a test report. After the production is completed, the supplier will randomly select samples from the prepared products for our re-inspection.

Project Online System

HiGlobal Project Online(HPO)is a platfrom running on computer or mobile phone, it keeps import orders alive. standardizes communication, visualizes progress, and digitalizes business. You can keep track everything of your order in a registered account anytime.